Jack and the Beanstalk - Palace Theatre, Redditch - 2021

06 December 2021 - 02 January 2022

FE FI FO FUM!! Redditch is in for some festive fun!

From the team that brought you Cinderella, comes Jack and the Beanstalk, a thrilling tale of adventure... magic beans... a mysterious land way up in the clouds... a hidden treasure... and of course a terrifying Giant!

Poor young Jack has his head in the clouds! His poor mother is at her wits end, Dame Trott can't aford to pay the rent on her dairy but when she asks Jack to sell his beloved cow Daisy at the fair he comes back with just a handful of beans.

But there's magic in the air and a giant to defeat, a princess to marry and those few beans set him off on a huge adventure which will take him to new heights.

Packed full of all the things you've come to expect from a Palace panto, stunning sets, dazzling costumes, great music and dance routines, plenty of daft comedy and audience participation.






From Boyband 'A1', Mark Read .... Jack

From CBeebies 'Waffle the Wonder Dog', Andrea Valls .... Princess Jess

He's Back! Redditch Favourite, Simon Howe .... Dame Trott

Britain's Got Talent & Guinness World Record Holder, Jay Rawlings .... Simon Trott

Nic Gilder .... Fleshcreep

Janine Pardo .... Spirit of the Beans

Paul Giddings .... King Crumble

Fin Collinson .... Ensemble

Olivia Dickenson-Forbes .... Ensemble

Kci Lee .... Ensemble 

Megan Oxley .... Ensemble

Creative Team

Peter Dayson .... Director

Pippa Holliday .... Choreographer 

Sam Dando .... Musical Director